The Most Beautiful Thing

The most beautiful thing in the whole wide world is a dying Angel. I know it know. As once was said: All beauty must die.

The most horrible of the sins is apathy. I know that by my own actions. I was exhausted, distressed, worn-out and sick and tired of this torment called life.

I just gave up, didn´t care.

My agony turned against me.

The Nightmares hunted me, made me lose my reason. I was afraid.

In the end, I was so rundown that I thought the Gods had turned their back on me.

But then, She came to me, appeared from nowhere. The most beautiful thing I´ve ever seen.

I thought I was hallucinating but I wasn´t. She said to me something I will never forget, I will remember it till the day I will lose my pitiful life.

"When the birds stop singing, this world is doomed."

At first I did not understand. Now I do.

I turned my face towards the bare moon and a wonderful feeling of peace came over me. I could hear the Birds, I could understand their tunes.

A little bird landed on my hand and sang:

"From Earth you were born, humanchild

Soul of fire, heart of a butterfly

One day you´ll rise above the highest trees

And find a place you can rest in peace"

And the first time in ages, I smiled.

Then, it was all gone. No Angel, no birds. Just a giant nothingness before my eyes.

I did the one mistake that I´ll regret for eternity: I lost my faith. The fire in my eyes died down, stopped burning. My freedow had been taken away from me.

Then I cried. I cried bare tears of insanity. I fell and I fell, there was no bottom in my madness.

Something stopped me. The last light of Hope was standing infront of my eyes.

She was lying on the ground, bleeding. Her gown was becoming red, her eyes were closed as she screamed for the pain. I tried to help her, but I couldn´t. I stood and watched as she died. It was the most beautiful thing I will ever seen.

I watched her as the live in her run short.

The last words on her lips were so quiet that could I barely hear them.

"When the birds stop singing this world is doomed." Then she was gone.

The madness in me had taken away her live, I had killed her.

I become possessed, screamed along with the tears on her pale face.

"All beauty must die" I whispered in my horrible madness and spread the blood on my hands. "All beauty must die" I iterated with an insanity in my eyes and laughed. And I laughed and laughed untill I couldn´t get any breathe. I lied down beside her and the last thing in my mind was… "The most beautiful thing in the whole wide world is a dying angel."


Sivua muokattu 23.1.2004