A long night

I ran as fast as I could on the long stone corridor lit by torches. Window after window, door after door, I ran. I could hear heart beat, my hurting breath as the lungs prayed me to stop to catch my breath. I couldn't stop running. I heard his steps behind me, coming to me, soon, it would be too late to stop. I had to find a way to escape from him, from his lust for me.

'You cannot escape' I heard his deep voice behind. 'You will be mine!'

I screamed in panic and my legs hurt so much that I almost fell on my knees. I wanted out of there, away from this darkness, from this nightmare.

I turned round a corner and stopped there for awhile. I rested my back against the cold stone wall and waited. My lungs hurt, my heart beat like mad and I kept telling myself this was the end. A long dark night for me.

'You'll be mine' he said and he was close.

I panicted and started to run again despite my hurting legs. A long dark corridor, a long night for me to last, only stone walls around. No escape. I was frightened.

Then, suddenly, a dead end. 'No!' I screamed in panic and hit the wall so hard I heard my bones break. I looked behind to see his shady figure coming slowly but surely towards me. 'NO!' I screamed again.

I felt his cold arm touching my cheek, I looked up to see his burning eyes. They burned with desire and lust. 'Let me make you mine' he said softly, took me up in his arms. 'NO!' my voice was hardly a whisper. I felt his mouth on my neck, his teeth made a cut and I heard him humming with pleasure.

'My lord' I whispered in his ear untill I sank into darkness. My long night was over …

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