The Forest of Losf Children

Prologue: The Beginning

In a village everyone new each other.It wasn't so nerving usually but this time Hurcan the Child didn't like to be in that particular village anymore but his parents wanted him to grow before letting him fly away.

Well it wasn't parents which were the problem but the other village people.An old gaggling maid were always fluttering with village's young men.Then there were the smith who loved the maid but maid didn't ever even give him a word.Maybe she thought he's not as mother says "The right one for her." And Father sometimes say that smith had in the past done everything to have her but now he's too old to do those foolish things..well maybe others in the village were okay especially friends..

This Village had always been in it's own world in a little forest area.Every children had grown in the woods as the old ones use to say.But there had always been bad times when childrens had died in the woods.They never found out what it was that make them die or what had happened to those whose bodies never were found.But now those times were long in the past..exactly something like 100 years.

So Hurcan didn't like the way things were and started with his things to the forest.No one seem to notice his entering to the forest.It was almost sun dawn to come and he wanted to get to the deepest of corner where the forest wére said to be very wild.Hurcan always made those stories to be old fools sayings.So he got deeper and deeper to the forest.Few hours after sun dawn he made a camp.

The place where surrounded by awfully big trees.It was like they had been in their place all their eternal life.Ground were moistured by dew and it was nicely soft..then Hurcan settled his bedroll ready and made to it to sleep..

First part: In the Forest Next thing Hurcan was to realise that his backpack had been stolen.Stolen?? thought Hurcan and watch the ground.There were footprints in the dew moisten ground.They went fully head and stopped suddenly like they would have been taken to the air or into the earth.Well now Hurcan was going to be afraid."Why now" he thought.."My adventure was supposed to start when I said it to be started but now someone had ruined his plans." The Someone was going to pay the loss of starting the Adventure by Hurcan himself.

But the footprints were still in the ground.Something told Hurcan to check the last prints of foots and found out that there were a hitch of a rope or something like it playing in the air.So there was a magical entress or..then he watch up..Yes of course a rope.So the hitch should take me where is this meanie person.He ventured to the rope and started up.Some how he started feeling like he was being… nae it can be so he thought and climbed up. When he reach the top something pinged to his head and he was going down.He landed hard and felt faint coming and pain starting to hurt his groin.Now had bad end turned to him.Thoughts abouts his parents fluttered in his mind and even the smith and the maid..then he didn't know nothing for a loong loong time.

Second part: With The Meanie Someone were surrounding and fussing something between mongrel and worry.Hurcan was still there where he had landed hard and painfully.The pain started again when he wanted to get standing.The Meanie seem to be quite worried of him.Even his parents hadn't been so worried of him though he hadn't been this badly injured those times. The Meanie started voicing something like a incantation.It was wonderful and nice sounding admitted he.Then the greatest point of the incantation started make him tingle like a big bell.Big was to him something like a wooden bell carved to Symbolise the Lost Children in the Church of the Village.It was small like the children who had died and got Lost forever. So the pain went away but little ithching pain there were left.It must be taking those days where should have enormous pain and Death to get you. So then he started looking this meanie thing.He or she that he couldn't realise.Because the voice had been like boys but still had sounded like a little girl's innocent voice he started checking "his" feature.Feature told of very worried boy's poster but about girlish eyes.They were so wonderful like all ancient thoughts and music should be in them because they were like singing to him.Then He/She started going toward his knotted rope and Hurcan wanted to say he was sorry to interrupt "his" privateness.That he were just so annoyd of he taken his stuff and making his adventure start too early.Then The Meanie shot his glance to him and almost singed to his mind..I know your quest's meaning but I sorry for your parents and those friends of yours.You just started away and didn't even think what you were doing..yes you didn't know nothing about this place.Now you know and you must stay here.Because it's the forest's Will to make stay.You can't get away from here anymore.You're be doomed to be my descendant.It's been chosen to be so.Then He embraced Hurcan and take Hurcan with him to his place.

Part Three: Meanies place Hurcan was awed by what he was seeing.There were all kinds of awing stuff.Maps of The World.Then he found a map where was his village named as The City of Children.That was quite something..and grandeur than he's fathers maps could ever be.His father had a hobby to make imaginery maps of places where he would've wanted travel with mom when he would have the money to make traveling.That wasn't going to ever happen but mom always told that Fathers imagination was the reason why she had married him not because to get places where could be murdering and other unfine happenings.Then Meanie started talking "So you've started your lesson number one." Hurcan was taken surprised.He hadn't thought much but still he had done something.."So what I done" asked Hurcan. "Hurcan The lesson number one is to love other one like he or she to be together and be polite and paelaepaelaepaelae" Meanie talked long and he just listened.There must be something that makes him to talk so much mambo jumbo.He didn't understand even half of what he was saying but still he felt warmness whelm his heart.Maybe it was what he said or his voice or it's tone anyway it got him truely in. Before showing anything like stopping The Meanie started making food and did it buy his voices way.Food were nourishing and made Hurcan happy.He had found more than a adventure.He had found a mentor or even a great teacher.But what he was teaching was Hurcan's concern of mind.Meanie told things about love of course but that wasn't all he taught.There'd be a reason for it to him teach me. Hurcan remembered Meanie to tell that The Forest had been the one who had chosen Hurcan.Why the Forest had chosen him.He had been just a boy with too big itching in his veins.Well maybe that was the reason or the reason was to be the Missing of the Children..Yes that's the right direction he thought.100years.It must've been long time to be in the forest all alone.Maybe Meanie was only lonely and so..that would be the reason why he be telling those things.He's telling me what has been his thoughts about things in his lonely years. Hurcan ended up trying after that circle of thought to learn évery word from Meanie he was telling him and the praises and sorts.This phase was gonna take time and it meant for Hurcan loss of his parents and friends but he done it with great enthusiam… .

Epilogue:The Beginning of a New Beginning Those years went by.Hurcan turned to his teens and turned to his adulthood and then one day Meanie told his true form to be of god of Torm.His teachings was to be told forward and it would mean years of thought work from Hurcan to get what was to be a Guild of Torm.Hurcan's teachings will follow every member of the Guild to the time of worries and fight..and time of victory from evil but by terms of Torm..

So have our tale ended.It's your time to get sleeping young one's told a old man in The Village of Found Children.It is told that when a child goes to a Forest like Hurcan that he will find same Meanie little person teaching him or her.Of course he can be she also because God Torm can change his meaning through time… Don't be worried though.He will send you a itching to your veins.Then you know it's your time to go to Your God's side to learn… Sleep tight now.. Then the old man ventured away from the Inn to turn toward the sun going down.It was going to be his time soon enough to tell his wisdom forth to the next candidate of God..then he walked to the forest no one seeing his walking because of magic of the God of Torm.

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