Who wants to live forever?

and evrything in my head falls against me and my thoughts are on the other side with every one else who wants to hurt me thats what im afraid of and im not sure witch way to go to get to you my forgivener cos you’re my only god now and im begging to get by your side its so lonely here in this pissing city of raped souls and reapers and im so scared of getting stuck and getting out and lose my head with my friends who are not my friend they just pretend to be with me but im still all alone please my forgivener save me from here no hope no chance to get out no chance to get out cos theyre on me theyre on my soul kicking me to my face pushing me down I cant breathe I cant live I cant choose anything im in a closet im locked into a closet and im shouting for help and forgive im in water and I cant swim im reaching but cant reach anything but cold walls around me i can feel my soul bleeding on the ground and my empty grey body crying by my dead souls side theyre cruel they used fists and feet to kill me and my mortal soul my dear forgivener save me now or never cos I don’t want to live forever who waits forever anyway save me now or never ny dear forgivener