I: Maybe you dont understand. but I will try to explain to you.

HE: Love don't try to to explain cause if you explain to me, you will again remember everything and then we will be both sad together. :(

I: Maybe. but I want you know this.

HE: ok then. explain.

I: I have to hold on everything what I have. I have never been much anythig. I had two good friends but they both breach of my tust. I had believe but I lost it when My friend die. I had very important person to me but I had to leave her when we moved. I wered almost three years without anything.

HE: :(

I: I know I had family. but I couldn't tell them what I truetly feel. cause I scare I lose them too. :( I've been all the time scare when I lose next important person to me. And I.

HE: why you scare to lost ur family? Ur can not lost ur family anytime cause only you can find ur family and your darling in your very bad times near you. someday you will understand me. You can find all of your friends near you when you are in bad times.

I: I've been like dead sometimes.

HE: Don't say like that. :( I love you. <3

I: I didn't see anything. I didn't remember anything. I couldn't eat anything long time. I tought I lost my mind. that I can't going like this anymore. But you saved me. :( I can't even think where I would been without you.

HE: I understood why you were so thin. Cause you did not eat anything in that time so you lost weights and that made you very fast and beautiful and cute. ;) true? :) But I don't understand how can you make your eyes so beautiful . I love you so much <3

I: I love you too.

HE: I never had know more cute and sweet than you. you are my only one cute love in hte world.

I: wish you could be here now and hold me near you.

HE: I wish to be there now.

True story.